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Mayor Beth is a life-long resident of Newington. She and her husband Scott have been married for 29 years and have 2 Children – Matthew and Kinsey. Beth is currently employed as a Speech and Language Pathologist for CREC and is a former Parks and Recreation Girls Basketball coach and Newington Midget Football Cheerleading Coach.


Beth has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Arts in Communication Disorders from UCONN.

Mayor Beth and her team will continue to partner with law enforcement to ensure they have a voice at the table, and lobby our legislators to make necessary reforms that allow for the apprehension and prosecution of chronic and dangerous offenders. Mayor Beth will also advocate for meaningful reform to improve the likelihood that youth will not re-offend and can live productive and successful lives.

Mayor Beth is committed to maintaining all of Newington's facilities that is why she has pushed for a plan to prioritize the needs of our facilities. With a plan they can ensure there is proper maintenance and repairs are being made in a timely manner. They can also plan for the replacement of facilities when necessary; keeping the needs and the budget in mind.

Some highlights of her career:
Recipient of the Parks and Recreation Coaching Award
Past President of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Post 117
Member of BOE 4 terms. 1 term as Vice-Chairperson
Member Town Council 4 terms – Served as Majority Leader, Deputy Mayor

Let's Keep It Going!


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On November 7th, Vote Republican Row B for Beth & Her Team

Team Beth

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